Talent Pipeline

Classical Headhunting is a focused one time effort for one specific goal. We are screening the market to find the best talent for the specific needs of our clients. How can we use that unique recruitment method for building a Talent Pipeline for our clients?

For creating a Talent Pipeline we enter into a partnership with our client and define together target areas (for example sales). Then we screen the market on a regular basis for talent, which may be available to join our client in the future. This ongoing headhunting process has several advantages:

1) It gives a clear picture about the talent pool.

2) It gives fresh feedback about the employment branding of our client. „How attractive are we as an employer?”

3) It helps to benchmark salaries with competition. „Are we paying our people on the right level?”

4) Last but not least it allows the client to have a speedy recruitment solution whenever the need arises. The identified talent pool candidates can be activated and hired much quicker than in a normal headhunting process.