Individual employee's assessment based on competences

TARGET Poland offers your Company the most precise and reliable method of assessment of candidates’ professional predispositions within selection process, that is Individual Employee’s Assessment based on competences.


It allows simultaneous analysis of number of factors, which influence the success in employing the best possible candidate for specific position.

This method also minimizes the risk of wrong personnel shift within the organisation and promotion of workers, whose competences are not adequate for the position.


It offers a number of tests, which help to identify competences potential of individual employee/candidate anticipated for promotion or holding executive or managerial post.


Thanks to Individual Employee’s Assessment you will receive information about development levels of particular competencies, which are recognized to be fundamental for executive positions in your organisation. It is clear and objective methods, which provides knowledge about abilities and predispositions of a particular employee or externally applying candidate, and it determines the level of his/hers adjustment to position’s requirements.


This individualised assessment process brings benefits for organization, by providing information essential to make a number of decisions related to personnel management, as well as for external candidate, who receives back a reliable information about his strong points together with essential directions for individual work.


Benefits from Individual Employee’s Assessment:

  • help with determining further individual career path
  • specification of managerial potential
  • help with determining training needs
  • help within personal development area


During Individual Employee’s Assessment we use three diverse sources of information:

  • Tests and questionnaires such as:
    • FCZ – KT Questionnaire (Formal Characteristic of Behaviour – Temperament Questionnaire)
    • Social Competences Questionnaires KKS
    • NEO Five – Factor Inventory (NEO – FFI)
    • Dealing with stressful situations questionnaire CISS (N.S. Endler, J.D.A. Parker)
    • Scale of emotion control CECS (M. Watson, S. Greer)
    • I-E Scale at Work (X. Gliszczyńska)
    Personality Questionnaire Eysencka EPQ-R and many other possible tests and questionnaires recommended by Polish Psychologists’ Association.
  • Individual conversation with consultant and psychologist. At that time, consultant together with psychologist carry out an interview based on key competences, necessary for executive position. These competences are set individually for each position discussed with employer. Our job is to clarify managerial profile for particular organisation, taking into consideration specific requirements for certain position.
  • Simulation of managerial tasks such as ‘Conversation with subordinate’ or ‘Simulation of organisational task’


Assessment process takes approximately 4 hours and provides information about employee’s capabilities and strong points; it also provides with suggestions for further personal development in scope of managerial competences


On the basis of the results from above tests, we prepare an individual report, which determines strong points and areas which need to be developed by employee. We provide a description of managerial predispositions and individual employee’s or candidate’s potential.